On this episode of the Companion Podcast, we take a deeper dive into the Rare-Earth Hypothesis and try and figure out which of the following events may represent a "Great Filter" in the trajectory from simple life-forms to a space-faring civilization:

  • The formation of a solar system like ours
  • The spontaneous generation of RNA/DNA molecules
  • The formation of a cell membrane and single-celled life
  • The evolution of complex cells (the Eukaryotes)
  • Sexual reproduction
  • Complex multi-cellular life
  • Intelligent creatures capable of dexterous tool use
  • The formation of cooperative societies
  • The accessibility of a cheap and reliable fuel source (ie. fossil fuels)
  • The development of a complex technological civilization
  • The transition to a space-colonizing civilization

We also hypothesize on the apparent silence of the cosmos, and wonder where all of the aliens might be at—or if they exist at all.

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Note: The Companion Podcast is a weekly follow-up to the regular podcast where I respond to questions/comments and provide additional material

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