I'm a person who comes up with a lot of ideas. And the majority of them are bad ideas.

The problem is that, at the time I come up with them, a lot of these bad ideas actually seem like good ones. But this is just part of our natural bias. We're inclined to think that any idea we come up with is a good idea because we came up with it.

For example, I like drinking tea. And I know a tiny bit about tea. And I also like philosophy. I few months ago, I saw the domain name philosophytea.com for sale.

I thought: this is a great idea! I could do a whole podcast or video series on philosophy & tea. And maybe I could even start an e-commerce business selling tea, called Philosophy Tea!

So I bought that domain name.

Luckily it was cheap. It was only a few days later when I realized: actually, this is an awful idea. There's no obvious way to create any sort of content that combines philosophy and tea (though I did write down a content outline and found some people in this space already, here and here). And I also know next to nothing about tea.

What was I thinking!?

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