Have you ever tried "playing the devil's advocate?"

This is something we do when we want to carry on a debate with someone about a topic that we would normally both agree on. Because a one-sided debate where two people agree on everything is boring. So to spice it up, one person takes the other side, "play's the devil's advocate," even if they don't personally agree with it.

Playing this contrarian role is a critical role in society. But it's also a thankless one.

A few years ago, I took a creative writing class where to kick things off, we were asked to identify an opinion we held and always assumed to be true, but which we had never questioned.

I went first. And I identified climate change as something I assumed is human-caused but never actually questioned.

The instructor was a bit taken aback here: she said "you assume climate change is human-caused or isn't human-caused?"

I reiterated: "Yes: I've always assumed climate change is human-caused. And I never questioned otherwise."

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