Ideas are posts that are intended to scratch the surface on any given topic. These will generally pose questions to facilitate further discussion and research, and should come in below 1,500 words.



Articles are posts intended to define and analyze any given topic, and will ideally include a well-supported thesis. Typically in the 2000+ word range.


Big-Picture Thinking

Big-picture thinking is about understanding the future of humanity on a global scale. This means exploring the complexities of our global civilization, understanding human-driven existential risks, and discussing the implications of technological change.


The Cosmos

Is there life elsewhere in the universe, or are we alone? What does the future of space colonization look like? From Earth to the great unknown, we're discussing humanity's place in the universe.


Members-only content

These posts are for paying members only.



Welcome to the Bad Philosopher Podcast


Companion Podcast

The Companion Podcast is a weekly members-only bonus podcast where I recap the most recent podcast episode, answer and respond to listener questions/comments, and provide some additional thoughts and information on what was discussed.


Pursuit of Wisdom

What is wisdom? What is knowledge? How can we really know anything? These are the questions we're striving to answer.


How to Be a Human

What makes someone a good human being? How can we live meaningful and fulfilled lives? That's what we're here to find out.

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